Tropical Skyrim mod waves goodbye to snow, hello to sunny paradise

Even the animals have been replaced.

Not a lot grows in Skyrim, where snow covers the ground and frozen winds rampage. I'd much rather be in the turquoise waters and lush tropical jungles of Far Cry 3.

Luckily, Skyrim modder Soolie was way ahead of me. His Tropical Skyrim -- A Climate Overhaul mod gets rid of the snowy tundra and replaces it with jungles, deserts, beaches, bamboo forests, fiery volcanic areas and more.

There are new animals, too. Pandas replace some bears, as do rhino-like theriums; Jungle Spiders replace Frostbite Spiders; seals replace horkers; raptors replace wolves; tigers replace sabre cats; and apes replace trolls.

There's new lighting and weather, the water looks different, buildings have been altered, Nordic ruins now look like Ayleid ruins, ice caves are now stone with moss, and even fur and hide armours have become leopard fur.

A word of warning: Tropical Skyrim asks more of your PC, but there are ways described on the Tropical Skyrim mod page of negating this.

Finally, a video:

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