Asda shears 50 off Wii U console prices

UPDATE: Now does too.

UPDATE: The British arm of online behemoth Amazon has matched Asda's discounted Wii U pricing.

Both the Wii U Basic and Premium packs are now 50 cheaper on - 199 and 249, respectively.

Nintendo has yet to announce an official price cut, but the company does not set an official price for hardware in Europe. The console launched on 30th November in the UK and has struggled to gain sales momentum ever since.

ORIGINAL STORY: By George! Asda has chopped 50 off both editions of the Wii U console.

A black 32GB Wii U with Nintendo Land now costs 249 on Asda Direct (via MCV). A white 8GB Wii U with no games costs 199.


That's one of the best new Wii U Premium Pack (32GB black Wii U with Nintendo Land) prices on the internet. SimplyGames isn't too far off with 265.

Last week, Zavvi temporarily lowered its Wii U Premium Pack price to 225, although it's now back up to 275.

Asda's Wii U Basic Pack (8GB white Wii U) price of 199 stands out as well. ShopTo is still cheaper, though, at 190.

The Wii U Premium Pack has a guideline RRP of 300, the Basic Pack an RRP of 250.

The Wii U was released in November 2012. If prices are already dropping significantly now, what will they look like this autumn when PS4 and the next Xbox are (probably) released?

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