Treyarch flies the real-life remote-controlled Dragonfire Drone from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Care Package

Yours for 160.

When it comes to video game special editions, Call of Duty does it like no other. But Activision may have outdone itself once again with the ultra edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

The Black Ops Collector's Edition had a remote-controlled car lifted from the game. The Black Ops 2 Care Package Edition has a remote-controlled Dragonfire Drone, also taken from the game. In the video below, Treyarch boss Mark Lamia and game design director David Vonderhaar unbox the Care Package Edition and fly the drone about.

Also inside the box is a steel book with exclusive artwork and challenge coins (each with a unique code that unlocks downloadable content). This includes the soundtrack from composer Jack Wall, with the theme by Trent Reznor, an exclusive weapon camouflage for use in multiplayer and two player cards.

As announced, you get the Nuketown 2025 map for a pre-order. But get the Care Package or the Hardened Edition and you'll get Nuketown 2025 zombies.

GAME is selling the Care Package for 160 (thanks, Whizzo). The Hardened Edition goes for just under 70.

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