Trials Evolution track ranking bug squashed

Track Central fix deployed.

Trials Evolution developer Redlynx has deployed a fix for the game's user-made track listings, which previously caused popular courses to disappear from rankings.

The game was previously promoting new user tracks with high rankings at the expense of established favourites. Now the amount of user ratings will also be taken into account, Redlynx says, which solves the problem.

"We have worked closely with Microsoft to employ a Track Central fix addressing an issue affecting user-rating balance for player-created tracks," RedLynx spokesman Jason Bates announced in a statement passed to Eurogamer.

"Now the rating scheme better takes into account the number of votes given and therefore those tracks with lots of excellent ratings given will appear higher than those with only a few. We'll continue to work on this and other issues."

Redlynx is keeping track of known bugs in a thread on its official forums. Other fixes for are promised to be coming in the game's first title update.

Keen to see what the user-created tracks can offer? Watch Eurogamer test out some of the best in the video below.

Trials Evolution: The Best User Tracks video

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