Team Meat looking to bring Binding of Isaac to PlayStation

"We are not at all on bad terms with Nintendo."

Team Meat is looking to bring indie RPG The Binding of Isaac to PlayStation platforms after Nintendo blocked it from release on 3DS.

Specifically, "one to two Sony platforms," Team Meat's Edmund McMillen told Joystiq.

The Super Meat Boy developer yesterday revealed Nintendo had blocked the release of The Binding of Isaac on the 3DS eShop because of the game's "questionable religious content".

The Binding of Isaac's plot is inspired by the biblical tale of the same name, where God asks a man to sacrifice his own child.

In the game you play as Isaac, a naked child who has to escape his murderous mum. RPG levels are influenced by The Legend of Zelda series.

As for Team Meat's relationship with Nintendo: everything's rosy.

"FYI everyone, we are not at all on bad terms with Nintendo," McMillen tweeted.

"It's their platform their rules, this won't affect any future games with them!"

The Binding of Isaac video

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