RedBedlam announces indie MMO The Missing Ink

Free-to-play fantasy sandbox enters alpha testing soon.

UK indie developer RedBedlam has announced free-to-play browser-based MMORPG The Missing Ink.

You'll be able to play mid-December, when early alpha testing will begin.

RedBedlam plans for The Missing Ink to enter beta testing next year, with a full multi-platform launch due Q3 2012 for PC, Mac and unspecified tablets.

In The Missing Ink, players are tasked with saving a fantasy world gone wrong while building up the game's 3D sandbox world - which appears to be populated by Paper Mario-esque wafer-thin characters.

RedBedlam has confirmed it is following a freemium pricing structure, although no other information is yet available. The studio is still currently shopping the game around for a publisher.

The first screenshots and trailer lie below.

The Missing Ink alpha trailer

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