Limitless director on Uncharted movie

Take "more closely tied to the game".

Limitless and The Illusionist director Neil Burger has reportedly signed on to write and direct the Uncharted movie following David O. Russell's exit.

According to Variety, Burger was chosen because his take was more closely tied to the first game, Drake's Fortune.

He is said to be reworking the project, putting Mark Wahlberg's role as series star Nathan Drake in doubt.

In May Russell walked away from the project citing creative differences.

Russell's vision for the film would have seen Wahlberg's Nathan Drake as a member of a family of antique traders that also included father Robert De Niro and uncle Joe Pesci.

Russell suffered constant flak from fans of the hugely successful PlayStation 3 exclusive video game series.

"I decided to make Uncharted a really dope crime family in the world of antiquities and art, and I think we can do something very exciting," he said in March this year.

"There's going to be romance and sex, I promise," he said. "Otherwise I'm not interested."

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