Family Guy Online is a browser game

Who would you most like to play as?

Family Guy Online is a browser-based game that will debut in the autumn, Eurogamer has learnt.

A website popped up last week that allowed users to register for a closed beta. No further information was provided, leading to speculation it was a massively multiplayer online game.

A poll on the website asks players which characters from the TV show they would most like to play as: Peter, Lois, Chris, Brian and Stewie.

It then asks which they are least likely to play as: Stewie's sister, Peter's daughter, Meg and Chris' sister.

Also revealed are Clams, the currency in Family Guy Online. Taking part in the poll rewards Clams for use in the game.

In February Activision announced its plan to launch a Family Guy game this year. Is this it?

Family Guy Online is endorsed by Twentieth Century Fox, the maker of the hit TV show. More details are expected soon.

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