Jagex names Transformers Universe MMO


The Transformers MMO will henceforth be known as Transformers Universe, maker Jagex has announced in a robotic voice.

The vision for this browser-based adaptation of the famous Hasbro toy licence will be unveiled at the Transformers BotCon 2011. This runs from tomorrow 3rd June until 5th June. The event takes place in California.

Transformers Universe will be released in 2012.

British company Jagex made a name for itself with free fantasy browser MMO RuneScape. More than 140 million people have dabbled and 10 million currently play. Those numbers help Jagex employ a whopping 450 staff across multiple teams and studios.

So unlike kids' sandwiches, corners presumably won't be cut on Transformers Universe.

Oh hi RuneScape.

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