Morrowind beautified by devoted gamers

Elder hell did they do that?

Gamers devoted to Bethseda's creaky old Elder Scrolls III adventure, Morrowind, have taken it upon themselves to give their treasured title a makeover.

All of their hard work has been bundled together into a whopping 4GB compendium patch that significantly alters the 2002 game.

A blog has been set-up by the author to provide download locations as well as any instructions you may need.

"Those water effects made me cream my pants," commented Kakashifreakxxx on the YouTube video. "And I'm a girl."

Bethesda wowed fans with the reveal of a fifth Elder Scrolls game subtitled Skyrim at the Spike Video Game Awards last month. And after ceiling-high praise for Oblivion and particularly Fallout 3, legions of fans will salivate the game's mystical 11.11.11 release date.

But it was Morrowind that put the Elder Scrolls series firmly on the map eight-and-a-half years ago. What did Eurogamer think (yes we existed in 2002)? "If you want to lose yourself for a few months, Vvardenfell could be your holiday destination of choice."

The Morrowind 2011 Mod Compendium - in action.

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