Axed Fable III Kinect content detailed

Lionhead ditched food fights, statue making.

Abandoned Kinect-enabled mini-games for Fable III saw you throwing tomatoes at passers-by and carving statues.

A Microsoft representative told Kotaku that developer Lionhead had tried a number of ideas for Kinect, including fruit throwing and statue sculpting, but neither will make their way into the finished game.

Lionhead had initially promised that Fable III would include some Kinect elements but creator Peter Molyneux recently confirmed that would not be the case, at least not at launch.

Apparently "whatever was initially planned to be built into the game just wasn't up to snuff."

Of course, that does the leave the door open for DLC at a later date.

Fable III launches on Xbox 360 on 29th October. The PC version needs a little more work.

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