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Fable III Kinect support confusion

Will it or won't it?

The will it or won't it support Kinect saga that has dogged Lionhead role-playing game Fable III shows no sign of abating after publisher Microsoft refused to confirm comments on the matter from creator Peter Molyneux.

Last night Molyneux revealed on the Engadget Show that Fable III will not launch with Kinect functionality.

After the show Molyneux told Joystiq that "some form" of Kinect content may be available post-launch, and "whatever was initially planned to be built into the game just wasn't up to snuff".

Kinect, due out in the UK this November for £130, is a sensor that allows Xbox 360 to play games without controllers.

You'd think that was that, but Joystiq then spoke to Microsoft representatives, who offered this puzzling nugget:

"We've spoken with Microsoft PR, which was unaware of Molyneux's exact comments. It reaffirmed that the legendary designer is a strong proponent of Kinect, and has spoken of its use in Fable III before, but also told us that it can't discuss what role the hardware will play in the game "at this time"."

It seems that not for the first time the enthusiastic Peter Molyneux and his paymasters are not on the same page.

Molyneux's endured similar problems with Kinect project Milo.

Last month Microsoft mouthpiece Aaron Greenberg told Eurogamer that there's still a chance that Project Milo will be released despite Molyneux's comments to the contrary.

When we spoke to Molyneux, he admitted he finds it "insanely hard" to convince others of the validity of his new game ideas before they're realised.

Fable III's due out in the UK on 29th October. The PC version was recently delayed.

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