Treyarch warns of Xbox Live COD scam

Gamertags lifted from multiplayer trailer.

Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch has warned gamers of a scam that involves impostors posing as members of the development team over Xbox Live.

Apparently, some people have been contacting gamers as "DJVahn" over Live, claiming to be Treyarch employees.

The gamertag was spotted in the recently released multiplayer trailer for the upcoming COD, which you can see below.

"When you are in development of the game, you are not using Xbox Live. You are using the development version of it. Think of it like a copy of the Xbox Live that only developers use. It's called Partnernet," explained David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar on Treyarch's forum.

"On Partnernet, we can make up as many gamertags as we want, as long as they are not taken.

"That's why you see WayneNoobton, DJVahn, and others in the video.

"If you get contacted by any of these people, it's not us.

"We've contacted our account rep at Microsoft and he is looking into it. Thanks."

There's no mention of what the scam involves. Does anyone know?

COD Black Ops multiplayer teaser

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