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Ynglet allowed me to discover an underground transport network made of ghostly avocados


I am far, far too stupid to contextualise Ynglet in any meaningful way, so instead, having played it for a half hour, I'm just going to tell you what I did.

A huge 2D plane, and I'm this funny little dancing doodle moving around in it. I have a tail and sort of a head I guess and I fall unless I'm inside one of these little 2D shapes that give the place a kind of doodled shape and form. I can move between them and travel a bit, but I always have to end up inside a shape or I fall and restart.

It feels lovely, like swimming, and with the constant tug of gravity. And it's forgiving, because if I want to declare that the shape I'm currently inside is a checkpoint I just hang out in it for a few seconds and then a line is drawn around it and bang: it is a checkpoint.

Some shapes trigger colourful sprawls and petals as I move through them, and they all create sounds of some kind. I realise pretty quickly that the idea, at least for now, is to move around and collect little spinning things made of pure colour. I move around. I collect little spinning things made of pure colour. Then I'm somewhere else.

This somewhere else feels like a city, albeit the sketch of one or the map of one - an abstracted map like a tube map. There are little orange lines that feel like stations, and when I move into one, it zips me along a little rail and then I have to connect to another shape or another station before I start to fall again. I can press a button that slows my falling and allows me to ping forward in a set direction, and soon it's sort of mitochondrial pinball as I'm bouncing around, riding rails, bumping off bump pads, always trying to move forward and not get stuck in a loop.

Eventually - I'm skipping forward because I realise that this is about as interesting as listening to someone describe a dream - I move beyond the standard rail network and discover another secret network. Reader, Ynglet is a game in which I discovered a secret underground transport network composed of ghostly avocados. Where does it lead? No idea. Ynglet is hard to talk about, then - I keep plinking between metaphors. Cell structure? Ice cubes? Urban transport? - but it is a joy to play. It's headed to PC and it's going to be brilliant.