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Win a £400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

Now that's what I call an instant game collection.

Fridays, eh? The working week is almost over (boo!) and the weekend is almost here to replace it, signalling the start of two long and tedious days of rest and relaxation. The only consolation is that it's the same for all of us.

Snow joke.

Good news, though. In order to cheer you up on this bright and crisp February afternoon, we have teamed up with Sony to give one of you guys a fistful of vouchers worth FOUR HUNDRED POUNDS to spend on Sony Entertainment Network.

Yes, £400. We're basically giving away free money, which makes about as much sense as the introduction to this competition page.

What do you have to do to claim this bounty? Well, we think you ought to work for it a little rather than scheming your way through one of our famous multiple-choice questions, so we want your best possible answer to the following:

The Last of Us: Left Behind came out recently and has won widespread praise, including a 10/10 from Eurogamer, for its deft and powerful storytelling. Apart from Left Behind, though, what is your favourite story-driven downloadable content for a game and why?

In order to enter the competition, just give us your answer in the comments. Then on Tuesday 25th February we will go through them, pick the one we like the most and contact the winner directly to hand over the prize.

Unfortunately it's not possible to extend this competition to readers outside the UK (the vouchers are all regional), which I apologise for, but obviously everyone is welcome to contribute to the discussion anyway.

Good luck!