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We're hiring for a video producer

(So is VG247.)

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As mentioned earlier this week, we're hiring for a video producer to work on the Eurogamer website. The job is all about producing videos that will complement, enhance and illustrate the articles we publish.

This is distinct from our YouTube channel, which by now has evolved into its own thing. The producer we're looking for will be working closely with the team of writers and editors on this website, rather than with Aoife, Ian and Zoe.

You can read more about the vacancy over at the job listing. There are actually two vacancies with the same job description being recruited together - one to work on Eurogamer, one to work on our sister site VG247.

We're looking for someone who knows video games, has strong video editing skills and some on-camera experience, and who is brimming with ideas to help us take our on-site video to the next level. You'll be helping us find the right styles of video that will improve our reviews, guides, features and news stories, and helping us improve the production of values of what we're already experimenting with (please!) .

If you think you fit the bill, we'd be excited to hear from you. Please check out the listing and get in touch.

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