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US gets prizes for gamerpoints

And we apparently don't.

It seems the partially torn document waved around the internet last week may have been legitimate after all, with details emerging today of Microsoft's plan to reward achievement-harvesters with actual prizes.

According to Game Informer, which talked to global marketing director for Xbox, Kim Jaznik, The Old Spice Experience Challenge program will run from 12th February to 12th April across the US.

Simply increase your gamerscore by 1,500 in that time and you'll receive digital rewards like pictures and themes, plus have a chance at roughly 70,000 limited prizes, including Live Arcade games, Microsoft Points, a full-priced retail title and promotional t-shirts. Perhaps you might also get your hands on a bottle of the old smelly-sauce, too.

You'll be placed in one of three levels based on your existing gamerscore, which will determine the prizes you scoop. Level 1 is for those of you, like me, who believe points aren't everything and sit between a score of 0 and 4,999. Level 2 is for slightly more hideous people who have amassed between 5,000 and 9,999, whilst level 3 is for super-uglies who've broken 10,000.

Unfortunately this is a US only initiative, and Microsoft still hasn't gotten back to us about if or when Europe can expect similar incentives. Keep those internet eyeballs peeled.

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