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UK Charts: FIFA Street holds off Splinter Cell

Kicking the balls for Ubisoft's hopes.

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Electronic Arts' urban take on the football genre has proved a hit with UK consumers, holding on to the top position in the charts for a second week despite a strong debut from Ubisoft's latest Splinter Cell title, Chaos Theory.

FIFA Street also climbs to the top of the PS2 single-format chart this week, knocking off Gran Turismo 4, which had held on to that position for the past three weeks; while GT4 remains in second place in the all-formats chart.

That leaves Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory in third place in this week's chart, but it's still one of the fastest selling games ever on the Xbox platform - coming in at number ten in that all-time ranking - and racked up around 58 per cent of its sales on that console, compared to 32 per cent on PS2.

Chaos Theory is the only new release to make it into the chart this week, although THQ's Full Spectrum Warrior re-enters the ranking at number 32 thanks to the appearance of the PS2 edition of the game.

There was also success for another THQ title, with movie tie-in The Punisher rising seven places to this week's number seven - while Nintendo's Mario 64 DS and Eidos' Championship Manager 5 both fell out of the top ten, dropping to numbers 11 and 12 respectively.

Notable on the mssing in action list this week were Capcom's Viewtiful Joe 2, Hip Interactive's Stolen, Koei's La Pucelle Tactics, and Namco's Cube RPG title Baten Kaitos, none of which dented the top 40 ranking.

This Friday sees the launch of Doom 3 on Xbox, along with the Doom 3 expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil, on the PC, but aside from that it's a pretty quiet week for UK retail - with the other notable titles in the line-up being Namco's Tekken spin-off Death By Degrees, Vivendi's SWAT 4, Digital Jesters' Trackmania Sunrise and THQ's latest Fairly Odd Parents title.

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