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Tories, Lib Dems back tax breaks

All three parties to support UK industry.

Outrageously, all three leading UK political parties have agreed about something: giving UK game developers tax breaks.

Ed Vaizey (Conservative) and Don Foster (Liberal Democrat) both pledged party support for videogame industry regardless of the General Election result next month.

Tom Watson (Labour) was also present and later criticised the speed at which Digital Economy Bill was being pushed through, stating that, "If you make laws quickly, you make bad laws."

"Shame on you both [to his fellow panellists] and shame on my front bench," he added.

The trio were part of a panel that was speaking at an ELSPA event last night, which was watched closely by GamesIndustry.biz.

Their discussion followed the surprise Labour Budget report that outlined plans for film-style tax breaks for the games industry in the UK.

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