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TOCA 3 Challenge PSP dated

With new shots and details.

TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge is due out on PSP from 16th February, Codemasters said this morning, while simultaneously waving screenshots in our face and generally behaving inappropriately considering its state of undress.

Introducing "World Challenge" mode, TOCA 3's PSP cousin asks you to work through five international championship tiers completing skill tests, special events and of course races across the game's usual assortment of racing styles.

Those "skill tests" sound quite interesting, including "Bring It Home", where players have to survive a few laps in a heavily damaged car, while "No Damage" is about avoiding too much contact in an aggressive pack.

There's also "Drive the Line" (hold the racing line), "Steering Control" (cone slalom, measuring accuracy and speed) and "Duel" (overtake an opponent without bashing them too much, and hold it there for five seconds).

On top of that, you'll be able to duel with real life opposition - with up to four players being able to compete using just one copy of the game, while the full pack of 12 is available for groups with multiple copies.

Codies says the full game boasts some 36 tracks and over 40 real cars, including some of Audi, Mercedes, Koening, Nissan, Subaru and TVR's finest. Where were those screenshots again? Aha.

Look out for our review of TRD3 Challenge in the run-up to its 16th February release.

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