TOCA Race Driver 3

TOCA 3 PSP demo


Is TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge any good? We quite liked it. But hey, why should you take our word for it when you can download a demo? Apart from to help ensure our continued employment?

TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge

TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge

Take the race line for a walk.

Post-publication shouting: Attention! Sumo Digital made this game! We forgot to put that the first time! This is quite surprising as they also ported OutRun 2 and did OutRun 2006, which we usually mention at least once a day! Exclamation exclamation oneoneshift normal service resumes.

Wacky game features are always the best. You know what TOCA was clearly missing? An option to turn the screen upside down. This lets you use the analogue nub for acceleration and braking, while the PSP's face buttons act as a d-pad. This, I'm reliably informed, is how "the hardcore" play. It is, as Kieron would probably point out, "very emo".

It's also symptomatic of TOCA Race Driver 3's devotion to its new home. There's no shortage of viewpoints to opt for (bumper, bonnet, in-car, third-person), there's a rare outing for the game-sharing option (we'd forgotten how to use it, it's been so long), there's replay-saving and even custom soundtrack support. Nice work, Codemasters.

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TOCA 3 Challenge PSP dated

With new shots and details.

TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge is due out on PSP from 16th February, Codemasters said this morning, while simultaneously waving screenshots in our face and generally behaving inappropriately considering its state of undress.