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This week on Outside Xbox

Zombies, carjackings and E3's weirdest moments

Hello Eurogamers and welcome to another compilation of highlights from Outside Xbox, this time delivered down an underwater pipe from across the Atlantic. We're in Los Angeles for E3 and steeling ourselves for a week of being beaten about the head and neck with new, exciting games related things

A cautionary note, though, publishers. E3 is by no means an open goal and the possibility of publicly stuffing it up is ever-present. That's the theme of our Show of the Week, the glorious figurative belly-flops from E3s of yore.

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Talking of towering challenges, allow us to introduce a new semi-regular show, Overachiever. It's relatively straightforward - we pit ourselves against some of Xbox's toughest achievements with bragging rights and perhaps a fancy hat for whomever manages to ping it first. This week it's the One Man Army achievement from GTA IV, which tasks you with surviving for five minutes with a six-star wanted rating.

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Finally, this week saw the release of ambitious XBLA zombie survival game State of Decay. As big fans of the adorable walking corpses, we decided to poke around in the game's first fifteen minutes or so, hoping that Undead Labs has been able to convert the game's huge promise.

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All that remains to be said is that, this week of all weeks, you should definitely keep an eye on We'll be sprinting around E3 collecting as much interesting stuff as we can find and delivering videos direct from the show floor. With Microsoft clearly on the back foot with the Xbox One, we'd love you to join us to see if they can turn that supertanker around. See you Outside!

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