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The Eurogamer Summer Internship: we want you!

Plus, find out how to get into game journalism at EGX Rezzed.

Hello. Happy Sunday! And what a lovely Sunday it is indeed, because I'm delighted to announce Eurogamer's summer internship returns, you guessed it... this summer!

Last year, Eurogamer launched its first ever internship scheme for aspiring video game journalists and it went wonderfully well if I do say so myself. The brilliant Vic Hood did great work for us, writing hundreds of news stories, investigating whether loot boxes should be considered gambling, interviewing Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene just as PUBG was blowing up, and even reviewing the odd game. Vic went on to secure a job in the UK video game industry, working at PCGamesN as a staff writer.

This year's internship works pretty much the same as last year's. We're opening a position for a Reporter Intern this summer. The internship will last for three months, from late June to late September (hopefully concluding with coverage of EGX in Birmingham). It's a paid position, and it's based at our office in Brighton, UK.

You can find the full details on the position, and how to apply, in the job listing over on GamesIndustry.biz. Applications close the middle of May 2018, so if you're interested, get cracking!

Brighton, home of a pier, Eurogamer and... maybe you?

As a reporter, the successful applicant will be embedded with our news team, working under our brilliant news editor Tom Phillips and your friendly neighbourhood deputy editor. Reporting is our wide definition of 'news', encompassing everything you'd expect - current events, interviews and so on - but also including longer-form investigative features, fun reporting on game communities, and finding great stories from the past (and future?) of games as well as the present.

As this is a training position, the intern will also get the chance to work alongside the rest of the team and try their hand at the other kinds of writing we do on the site - reviews, opinion pieces, guides and so on. But the focus will be on reporting, and we're looking for someone with aspirations in that area, and news in their blood - someone who's not afraid to pick up a phone to chase down a story. For that reason, this post would be particularly well suited to a recent graduate of a journalism course.

We want to do our bit to invest in and ensure a future for high-quality journalism in games, since we're lucky enough to be in a position to do so. We think this is a pretty exciting opportunity that will provide the successful applicant with the best possible start for a career in games journalism.

And finally, if you're at EGX Rezzed today (Sunday 15th April), you can find out more about our internship scheme - and about how to get into games journalism in general - in the Rezzed Sessions area at 2.30pm, when I'll be having a discussion and answering questions on the topic along with Tom Phillips, with a special guest appearance by Vic Hood herself, who will hopefully have a few good words to say about her experience on Eurogamer. (If you're wondering what to expect, check out the "how to get into game journalism" Rezzed Session Oli, Chris Bratt and I did last year in the video below.)

Cover image for YouTube videoHow to get into games journalism (and details on Eurogamer's internship) - EGX Rezzed

See you then, and good luck!