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The Eurogamer Podcast - Live from EGX Rezzed

They let us use a stage and everything.

If you were at EGX Rezzed last week you might have seen that we did a live version of our once-every-other-weekly podcast. People actually showed up, which was a relief, and so I figured we may as well share a recorded version here. You can listen to it in all of the usual podcast places, but as an extra treat, there's a video version too.

Anyway, I was joined by boss man Oli Welsh, fellow video person Aoife Wilson (she's wearing a hat!) and Rock Paper Shotgun's Philippa Warr, who doesn't work for us, but is nice. We had a chat about our favourite games from the show before answering some questions from the audience, which I was especially terrified about. Thankfully nobody asked me to describe ludonarrative dissonance or whatever, and it all turned out okay.

Hope you like it!

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Eurogamer Podcast #6 - Live from EGX Rezzed

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