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The Eurogamer Podcast #12 - Pokémon Go and Richard Garriott's bodily fluids

A bit Chansey.

Hello! With Eurogamer being 90% Pokémon Go articles at the moment, this week's podcast does sort of reflect that. We're still pretty taken by this strange game and the stranger stories coming out of it. Sorry, we'll find a new game for the next one. Promise.

Anyway I'm joined in this episode by news man, Tom Phillips, who spends half the time spinning Pokéstops on his phone. He's always been a bit Nintendo, but this is getting ridiculous..

However, if you do make it through our inevitable conversation about capturing colourful monsters in magical balls, then things get much weirder! Bertie's been talking to Shroud of the Avatar developer, Richard Garriott, about trying to sell his blood on eBay. Richard Garriott's blood, that is. Not Bertie's. Don't give him ideas.

Hope you like it.

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