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The Podcast: Undercover Bertie

Console launches, pre-owned games, and the joys of Super Mario 3D World.

Hello! I'm afraid we've recorded another podcast.

This week we're picking over the launch weekends of the Xbox One and PS4. Who sold the most? Who has the best OS? Whose lights look the prettiest when they're signalling a hardware malfunction?

After that, Bertie and I, along with news monster Wesley Yin-Poole and editor-in-chief (monster) Tom Bramwell, have a hunt around for a true next gen game, and discuss the awful fact that Knack managed to out-sell Super Mario 3D World.

The main event, though, sees Bertie going undercover to explore the secretive world of the pre-owned games market. Actually, he just spoke to someone who knew all about it and any disguises he wore were purely recreational. Anyway, have a listen?

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