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System Shock 3 is coming to consoles via new publisher Starbreeze

Who is investing $12m into it.

System Shock 3 now has a new publisher with Starbreeze (The Darkness, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) investing $12m into the upcoming sci-fi horror adventure.

The new publisher noted that this funding would be to "bring the game to PC and other platforms." No specific consoles were mentioned by name, but it's not hard to speculate what these could be.

The highly anticipated sequel is being developed by Otherside Entertainment with the project led by Warren Spector, who produced the original 1994 System Shock at Looking Glass Studios way back when.

Little is known about System Shock 3, though Spector has previously stated that it will be set in the same year as System Shock 2 and will explore the motives of nefarious AI Shodan.

System Shock 3 should not be confused with Night Dive Studios' remake of the original System Shock, which is shaping up rather well.

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