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There's a new System Shock 3 gameplay trailer and it's starting to look quite good

Shodan have doubted it.

A new pre-alpha gameplay trailer for System Shock 3 has been released and it looks, well, not bad, which is nice.

It's the longest look at the game we've had so far, and it gives a good sense of the oppressive atmosphere developer OtherSide is going for. Dark, scary, grotesque - it's not a million miles from Dead Space, which is a good thing.

Behind all the bad stuff is, of course, the infamous AI Shodan, the omnipresent, ever-threatening voice of evil - or, perhaps, reason. It's quite compelling hearing an AI objectively appraise humankind and the effect it has had on the world. We're definitely not in the good books, are we?

It's encouraging to see System Shock 3 looking like an actual real game after spending more than four years in development without much visible progress. It also suffered from the closure of Stabreeze earlier in the year, as the studio had been a collaborator. Nonetheless, OtherSide said it would roll on with development and the game was roughly half-done. The team is helmed by Warren Spector, the decorated game maker who was involved with the original System Shock.

There's no release date for System Shock 3 but apparently it's aiming for a PC release next year.

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