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Submissions open for indie Unreal Engine projects at EGX London 2014

Get your game on the showfloor!

Indie gaming has long had a home at EGX London, and here's another way for budding game designers to get their projects noticed.

Epic is teaming with EGX organiser Gamer Network, also publisher of this website, to search for eight Unreal Engine 4-based projects.

Each will be given a spot at Epic's booth on the EGX showfloor - a space set to be walked by around 80,000 people over the event's four days.

The UE4 folks will provide you with a PC setup, you'll just need to turn up and show the project to the masses.

"We're looking for compelling playable games to showcase on the stand," Epic's EU boss Mike Gamble explained. "Remember this is a family event, so we need content that is age appropriate.

"All types of games are interesting, and extra marks will go to anything that is particularly original, eye catching and hasn't been seen before."

To enter your project you'll need to send a quick description, screenshots and a video to - full details are available over at

You don't have long - the closing date is Friday 8th August and the winners will be notified by Monday 18th August.

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