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Steam Next Fest: Super Raft Boat Together is almost too much, in the very best way


Oh, this is new. It feels new anyway. In Super Raft Boat Together, which you can try out as part of the Steam Next Fest, you're in classic twin-stick territory. But your arena is a raft, out at sea, and the beasts you're up against can take chunks out of it. But! You can rebuild it! But! To do that you have to stop shooting for a bit.

Gosh, it's hectic. Each game here is a properly exhausting thing as I gad about, defending my raft, rebuilding my raft, accidentally taking a seagull to the face. Those seagulls! Just like the real thing they like to wheel about in the air and then divebomb. Then there are fish which flop onto the deck and sharks that take pieces of the raft with them like they're eating a chocolate bar.

If you can't tell by now, I'll just come out and say it: this game is brilliant. It's wild and relentless and I'm always trying to do at least two things at once. And that's before I factor in loot and upgrades and builds and bosses.

This video shows Super Raft Boat Together in action.Watch on YouTube

And more. I finished my last game just a few minutes ago and had another look at that title: Together. Terrifyingly, this frantic game about defending a very small raft supports three-player co-op. How horrifying. How brilliant.

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