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Stardew Valley finally returns to the European PlayStation Store

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Stardew Valley has had something of an extended trip away from the European PlayStation Store. Back in August 2020, creator Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone explained the game had been removed due to an age rating issue, and promised to work with Sony to get it back up. And now, over six months later, Stardew Valley has finally returned to the European PlayStation Store.

Earlier this week Barone announced Stardew Valley would once again become available on the European PlayStation Store (including Australia and New Zealand), and at time of writing it now has listings on the UK, EU, Australian and New Zealand versions of the PlayStation Store. The UK listing still has "do not use" written on it, but I was able to buy a copy.

Stardew Valley: The Board Game

Although the return to the store has not yet been formally announced, Barone previously explained the delay had been caused by the "simulated gambling" in Stardew Valley, which changed the age rating and required an "entire new build of the game". It sure sounds like this was a lengthy process - but at least the game is finally back.

In other Stardew news, earlier this week a board game adaptation of the farming sim was announced. It's a co-op experience for one to four players, requiring you work together to restore the Community Centre and fend off the Joja Corporation. Unfortunately it's currently only shipping to the US - so hopefully this will also make its way to European stores soon.

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Stardew Valley

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