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Watch someone complete Dark Souls using a bongo controller

He's got soul alright.

If you thought fighting monsters with a horn was bats*** crazy, then try besting Dark Souls with a set of bongo controllers. Because that's what dedicated player Bearzly just did.

You may remember Bearzly from completing both Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 with a guitar controller. That was pretty impressive, but the assbackwards bongo controllers might just be the most impractical method he's used yet. Here's how it works.

The bongos technically have six inputs: The front and back halves of each bongo, an actual button in the middle, and a mic. This isn't enough to handle the commands necessary to get through Dark Souls, so Bearzly programmed the bongos to essentially switch gears between three different input sets which he can cycle through by hitting both back (or front) halves of the bongos at the same time.

Once you understand that, the inputs are still really hard to wrap one's mind around (especially as there's no feedback for successfully switching gears). In one setup he can only move forward. In another he can only move back. He can't move to the sides and there's no option anywhere for a heavy attack. It's bonkers!

"This was a pretty fun run!" Bearzly said of his hilariously impractical experiment. "Total run time was just under five hours and 30 minutes, with somewhere around 57 deaths in total."

Clearly this man has played a lot of Dark Souls to achieve such a success rate. Completing the game in under six hours is very difficult to achieve even with a regular controller.

For more of Bearzly's alternate controller Dark Soul shenanigans, check out his YouTube channel, where he recently went through Dark Souls 2 using Rock Band 2's drum controller.

The highlight reel: Ornstein and Smough.

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