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Settling the Score: The Truth About Game Reviews

Video and podcast of a special games journalism panel at this year's Eurogamer Expo.

This year at the Eurogamer Expo we decided to depart from our usual "Ask Eurogamer" panel session and do one focused on game reviews. As our panel host Ellie Gibson noted during her introduction, this is because everyone just asks us about reviews anyway.

Rather than just witter on about what we think, however, we thought it would be interesting to invite some other people onto the panel to rake over the subject. In addition to Eurogamer features editor Martin Robinson, we were pleased to welcome John Walker from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, James Binns from PCGamesN (also former head of games at Future Publishing) and PR professional Stefano Petrullo, who works at Ubisoft but was not representing the views of his employer (nor was his unironic medallion).

We don't spend that much time around here inspecting our journalistic navel, but since people found it interesting we thought we would stick it up on the site so you could check it out too if you want. You can watch a video below and we've also produced it as a podcast in case you want us in your ears rather than your face.

Here it is as a video:

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And here it is as a podcast:

Download the podcast

Next year we hope to have more panels on a wider range of subjects to go alongside the Expo's main developer sessions track. If you have suggestions for stuff you'd like to see, let us know!

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