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Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed

Volition talks Tera Patrick, DLC.

Hiring pornstar Tera Patrick can't be cheap, but certainly arouses a lot of attention, and THQ's decided to base a block of Saints Row DLC around her.

Ultor Exposed has three new missions where players interact with the curvy Patrick, plus new diversions, vehicles, customisation options, multiplayer maps and Achievements. The pack will cost 800 MSP (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) from Xbox Live Marketplace, or GBP 7.99 from the PlayStation Store.

But will these offerings stand up to beefy DLC investments by Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto IV? And what did Tera Patrick actually do for the content?

We put these questions and more to developer Volition and this is what came back.

EurogamerDLC has become a staple feature of this generation, but we're seeing many different ways of doing it - what kind of approach have you taken with Ultor Exposed?
James Torbit

You could say that we took a "something for everyone" approach, and that would be superficially accurate, but it's not the real story. The Ultor Exposed content grows Saints Row 2. It neatly integrates into the experiences making it a larger, and often more outrageous, way to play.

EurogamerWe understand you've got single-player, multiplayer, vehicles, customisation and diversion content in there, so it's quite a big pack.
James Torbit

It's true. You'll have the Ultor Exposed mission arc, a garage full of highly destructive ground and air vehicles, a closet full of customisation items, something special we call the Co-op Competitive Mode, and four new multiplayer maps.

EurogamerCan you tell us a bit about what we'll get to play with and what prompted you to take this approach?
James Torbit

The Ultor Exposed mission arc stars your new homie, Tera Patrick, who portrays herself as an ex-Ultor microbiologist. Tera reveals data regarding nefarious experiments conducted by Ultor and would like to bring the corporation down in a public way. Really, it's all about vengeance.

These missions, along with all of the Ultor Exposed content, are fully playable in co-op. They're packed with high-octane sequences that will give players the challenge they've been asking for.

The new Co-op Competitive Mode works with both the Ultor Exposed and all existing Saints Row 2 missions. Once activated within the pause menu, each player will receive points for kills and mayhem during missions.

Points are shown on screen as they're earned. At the end of the mission one player will walk away with cash money for the win. You're penalised for killing your co-op partner which keeps the focus on completing the mission as quickly and destructively as possible. It'll have you playing missions repeatedly for the high score.

It's all about getting more game. Saints Row 2 is a massive playground, so we put a lot of time and energy into assembling a package appropriate to the scope and diversity of that experience.