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Reader Reviews

Bomberman Generation, Agent Under Fire, our ECTS stand and flight sims in general.

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Last week I realised two things (well, I probably realised more than two things, but none of those things are relevant to this particular snippet of text): we get sent lots more GameCube reviews than anything else, and that last week's Star Reviewer Phil Campbell is a wise and learned gamer - who already possessed a copy of Tecmo's Project Zero for the PS2. As a result, we've done a "rollover" (I think I'll copyright that), and this week's winner will be offered Phil's leavin's. And something else if they don't like the sound of it. We'll see! Unfortunately, thanks to the postal strikes, prizes may take a bit longer to turn up than is reasonable, but I'm rubbish at going outside and putting things in the post box anyway, so actual delivery times will probably remain consistent. Onto the reviews!

The Rules

Reader Reviews should be submitted to, and can be written about anything you like - hardware, games, peripherals - even if we've already written about it. In fact, that's kind of the point! Your word limit is 300 although we'll tolerate a bit of overflow if you can string words together nicely, and please try to keep it clean and legal. Just like we do for you! The best candidate each week will receive a random bit of game-related tat (possibly even an actual game) as a prize. Lucky, lucky you. And of course, your work will be displayed for all to see.