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Rare talks Banjo 360

New world, new tech.

Rare concept artist Ryan Stevenson has been blabbing about Banjo Kazooie for Xbox 360, telling us to expect a whole new world built on new, next-generation technology.

"We're creating a new Banjo world but with the same characters as before," he told Gametrailers in a recent interview. "It's been many years since Banjo was around and a lot has changed. There is a lot of new tech that we can pour into the world now, making it a richer place."

Stevenson remained shut-mouthed over most other information, but did hint at super-witch Gruntilda's addition in the game, as well as the exclusion of the "Stop 'n' Swap" function.

Banjo Kazooie originally appeared in 1998 on the N64, and followed the adventures of a bear called Banjo and a bird named Kazooie. Together, using each others unique abilities, the duo could overcome any platform puzzle the game presented them with.

It's also worth noting that this will be Rare's first game to originate on Xbox 360. Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero both began life on GameCube, whilst Viva Pinata was originally planned for Xbox 1.

Banjo concept footage was shown at last year's X06, you can find the clip elswhere on the internet.

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