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PS3 is most powerful - Hirai

Anything else "is not true".

Ignoring the howls of anguish emanating from his public relations department, Sony president Kaz Hirai has been saying things again - and guess what? He reckons PS3 is the most powerful games console, that Blu-ray is ace, and that Sony is amazing.

"I have heard many people say our competitors' systems are just as powerful as the PS3. That simply is not true," he told a CES trade rag, in comments picked up on by IGN. "No other next generation entertainment system pushes the envelope on advanced technology like PS3."

He goes on to declare that you "just can't expect that 9GBs of storage capacity found on today's DVDs are going to have enough space to hold tomorrow's games," adding that Resistance: Fall of Man's 16GBs "simply wouldn't be possible on any other system without using multiple discs". To be fair, he was talking to "Blu-ray Today".

He also reckons no one could have foreseen the problems of blue laser diode production for PS3. "I suppose if we had simply done a mild upgrade to the PS2 and not pushed the envelope so hard, it would have been easier on ourselves," he noted, pensively. "However, if we did that every time, we wouldn't be Sony."

Oh Kaaaaaz.

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