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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Tapu Village, Aether House, Route 14, Acerola's Trial, Ghostium Z

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Having finished up on Routes 11, 12 and 13, it's almost time for your final Trial on Ula'Ula Island.

First things first, it's time to check out the haunting Tapu Village, before a quick detour to Aether House on the next route, and then then Acerola's Trial for the Ghostium Z Crystal itself, through Route 14 and the abandoned Thrifty Megamart.

Tapu Village and Aether House

Entering Tapu Village - a small, eerie little settlement with little other than a Pokémon Center and some ruins - you'll be greeted once again by Hau, who points out the nearby entrance to the under-construction Pokémon League, along with mentioning something about Aether House...

There's not much else you can do here for now - other than pick up a Zygarde Cell by the fence opposite the Pokémon Center - and catching a couple of Pokémon in the grass to the east, so after that head on to Route 15 just east of the village, and northwards to Aether House.

ItemWhere to find
Zygarde CellIn front of fence opposite PMC, between girl and fisherman

Aether House is due north at the start of Route 15 (which is relatively closed off for now) so head straight there to meet with Hau. He rocks up as you enter the house, where some young kids decide to battle you both for being intruders! They should be pretty easy to deal with, but once you beat them, Acerola - the lady you met with the book back at Malie City's Library - arrives to help calm them down, seeing as one of them is still gnawing on Hau's leg.

As you head back outside, Lillie's arrived, but is cornered by some Team Skull grunt. Defeat him, and then you're all clear to take on your next Trial, against Acerola just past Route 14! Head back to Tapu Village, and south from there.

ItemWhere to find
Zygarde CellIn back left room in front of bookshelf in back left corner
Luxury Balls x5Lillie after defeating TS Grunt
Preschooler HunterElekidLvl.30
Skull GruntDrowzeeLvl.33

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Route 14, Acerola's Trial, Ghostium Z

South of Tapu Village you'll find Route 14, a charred, black-sand beach with a crumpled old highway lining it to one side. There are a few trainers, items, and Pokémon to investigate here, but it is of course the Trial you're really here for, which lies at the end of the route in a derelict, and rather spooky Thrifty Megamart.

ItemWhere to find
TM30 Shadow BallOn the small deserted island building accessed with Surf
Zygarde CellRight down the very end of the route, behind a broken old bit of road
Max PotionOn broken road, work your way up there through bits of broken road near start of route on right
Ghostium ZFrom Acerola after finishing the Trial
Dusk Balls x10From Acerola after finishing the Trial
Collector KawikaTogedemaru
Fisherman HisatoFeebas

The Trial will start after you talk with Acerola outside the Megamart and enter the building. As always, there's no leaving or catching Pokémon during the trial, so you're on your own.

Acerola noted that there are some strange things going on inside the Megamart. Your task is to photograph the timid Totem Pokémon that's hiding inside with the Pokéfinder, and the best way to do so is to snap some pictures of the other weird goings on in there to lure it out for some attention.

Inside, you're given a suprising reminder that your Pokédex and Pokéfinder is, of course, inhabited by a Ghost-type Pokémon in Rotum - who clearly wants to get in on the spooky action here. Investigate the unnatural goings-on one at a time, and the Pokéfinder will fire up by itself for you to take some pictures. Capture a photo of the Ghost-type Pokémon that's causing the trouble each time, and you'll eventually end up in front of the Totem Pokémon itself:

  1. Checkout conveyor belt moving on its own - Gastly L.30
  2. Shopping cart moving on its own - Haunter L.30
  3. Pokémon dolls moving on their own - Gengar L.30

Each time, after you photo the haunting Pokémon, a Pikachu seems to scuttle off in the direction of the next spooky happening. Strange! Eventually it'll lead you to a back room - follow it inside, and suddenly the doors shut behind you...

Turns out that Pikachu was the Totem Pokémon itself, but wasn't really a Pikachu at all - it's a Mimikyu! Snap a quick photo with the Pokéfinder, and it's time to battle!

Trial PokémonAlly PokémonLevel
Totem Mimikyu Lvl.33Haunter

Defeat the Mimikyu, and you can talk to Acerola again outside. Stragely enough, she doesn't think that back room even exists! She'll hand over the Ghostium Z Crystal as a reward, along with 10 Dusk Balls, too.

Next up, it's time to go back to Aether House again, before getting the Ride Sharpedo and access to Route 15, 16, 17 and Ula'Ula Meadow.

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