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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

WeÂ’ll respond to one rhetorical question with another: is there any fun to be had when thereÂ’s no actual prize money?

Well come on, that's what you were hoping for, wasn't it? After all, some sort of monetary reward should surely be mandatory if you have to sit opposite Chris Tarrant for more than five minutes. It's a blessing then that the ever-chummy presenter hasn't been digitised and shrunk down to fit onto your phone.

Thankfully, that and the grating soundtrack are the only elements of the show that haven't made the leap onto your handset, as in every other way this is a faithful reproduction of the show. The game is built around the famous multiple-choice questions that punters face on the telly and they become progressively harder as the (theoretical) prize value increases.

If you're planning on memorising the answers in anticipation of the same questions being re-used, don't hold your breath - there are plenty of alternative questions available, so much so it'll take a few hours' play before you notice any duplicates.

You'll gradually work your way up from £100 and climb the same rungs of the prize ladder until you make it to the £1,000,000 top prize. In reality this equates to nothing more than a score, as the amount of money you've won, the time it took to answer the questions and whether you had any assistance or not are translated into points.

Those of us who slept their way through school will be relieved to discover that the three lifelines are all present and correct when you need a helping hand. 'Phone a friend' and 'Ask the audience' obviously have their limitations, with each lifeline generating an answer that you can never rely on to be correct but, more often than not, will help you out of a squeeze.

These lifelines are selected, along with your choice of answer by using your phone's keypad or joystick and it's a very intuitive system. This is wholly due to the fact that the game is very undemanding in regards to your phone's capabilities and it runs flawlessly on a huge range of handsets, which will be a boon to any quiz and general knowledge fans out there looking for an enjoyable and challenging game.

8 / 10