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Plods caught playing PSP

While guarding a wall. Really.

Britain's Sun newspaper (available from all good railway sidings) has picked up on a couple of on-duty police officers sitting in their car playing a football game on the PSP.

Sadly, no one's sure if it was Pro Evo, FIFA or World Tour Soccer. Or whether they were playing Sensi on an emulator. What we do know is that they were meant to be doing important police business at the time.

Or something like that. According to The Sun, the coppers in question were meant to be guarding a wall in Chingford, East London. What with the gales we've had in the UK recently, it was in danger of falling over (I didn't realise that qualified you for police protection - if so, please converge on The White Swan at about 11.05pm).

A builder photographed them, telling the super soaraway siding fodder that they "were oblivious to everything else".

"The use of the games console was inappropriate and unprofessional," said the Met, demonstrating the usual institutional PC bias. "Senior officers are dealing with the matter," they added.

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