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Pikmin Bloom launch spreads to US, Canada

Branching out.

Niantic and Nintendo's adorable new Pikmin game is continuing its global rollout, and has today arrived in the US and Canada.

Bloom first blossomed onto the iOS App Store and Google Play very early yesterday morning in Australia and Singapore.

The game will continue to launch around the world in the coming days, Niantic has said, though today's arrival in North America is a strong sign the app has left its soft-launch period behind.

I've spent nearly a week with the app now while in its testing phase, and interviewed Niantic boss John Hanke on the game's design, future, and co-existence with mega hit Pokémon Go.

Pikmin Bloom is an intriguing mix of gardening, scavenging, scrapbooking and Pokémon, I wrote earlier this week, detailing the app's gameplay mechanics and getting answers to some early questions around privacy from Niantic itself.

We'll update when we hear word of a UK release.

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Pikmin Bloom

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