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Pentiment wouldn't have been possible without Game Pass, says Obsidian's Josh Sawyer


Obsidian's Josh Sawyer has said Pentiment never would have been made without Game Pass.

The medieval-em-up is definitely something of a unique experience and is the latest exclusive to hit the Xbox subscription service.

Speaking to Waypoint Radio, Sawyer said the game was only possible because Game Pass allows for unusual, niche games alongside blockbusters.

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"I never would have proposed making Pentiment without Game Pass. Like, I literally just wouldn't have done it. I just don't think it would have been possible," said Sawyer.

"The old mentality of publishers and developers is generally focussed on larger investments with higher ROI, and that's not the point in this environment, in this ecosystem."

"[Game Pass] is the only way in which I conceive of [Pentiment] being viable.

"For my own sake, making a game so different, I've completely shifted my thinking for [Pentiment]. It is so unusual, so niche, it's for a small audience, and as long as that audience is into it, that's fine."

Microsoft missed its growth target for Game Pass for the second year running, but the subscription service still has over 25 million users.

Some have suggested a lack of big exclusives is the reason for this, but Pentiment is a more niche title that could reach a much wider audience as a result of Game Pass inclusion.

"A brilliant narrative adventure that is filled with intelligence and heart," we said in our Pentiment review.

"Five minutes in I was wading through a tense disagreement on Martin Luther and wondering if this game was for me, but Obsidian draws you into this world by making it human, and by making it funny and kind and surprising and awful."

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