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Outlast 2 patch makes game easier on normal

But still scary as hell.

Red Barrels has released a patch for the PC version of horror game Outlast 2 that makes it easier on normal difficulty.

In a post on the Steam forum, Red Barrels said the patch, coming soon to consoles, makes some minor adjustments to the game's difficulty in key areas and moments. This means normal difficulty will offer players "a more appropriately balanced experience while still maintaining higher levels of challenge on Hard and Nightmare difficulties".

"The launch of Outlast 2 has been a tremendous success for Red Barrels - recouping development costs in just the first week," reads a note to press, "but the developers also learned something while going through countless streams, let's plays, and reviews; perhaps they were a little too sadistic.

The patch notes mention the microphone no longer using extra batteries, which should mean you can hide for longer while tracking enemies in the dark.

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Outlast 2

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