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Off-Topic: The travel show magic of Footy Scran

Authentic bangers.

I don't have the greatest of relationships with Twitter. It's wormed its way into the cracks of my life now, weeding out and up into the in-between moments, the time when the human brain is supposed to be empty, supposed to be just taking a sec to recover. Queues, coffee breaks, compulsive tab-switches between bursts of work. I am perennially in the process of phasing it out - and then, magic. The latest is an account that's not just an occasional day-brightener but something more, something worryingly close to obsession. That is: Footy Scran.

Footy Scran is an account that tweets out pictures of food people have bought in, or just outside of, football stadiums. It will always include the name of the meal, the club responsible for it, and the price. That tweet is then usually followed by a second, polling followers with the all-important question: scran; no scran?

It's also so much more. One: Footy Scran is tourism. It's a travel show distilled into single, five-word tweets, because good travel shows are cooking shows and good cooking shows are travel shows, ultimately. The two are inseparable - this is the magic of food, it has to come from somewhere and it's usually the way that it is, precisely that way and no other, because of that somewhere.

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