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Nintendo pooh-poohs Bowsette

You canon be serious.

Remember Bowsette? The viral fan-created character combination of Bowser and Princess Peach was one of our moments of 2018. But Bowsette was only ever a fan-creation - and despite Nintendo fans' hope she'd someday be made canon, Bowsette will stay that way.

In September, Nintendo introduced a new power-up item into New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe called the Super Crown. This transforms Toadette into a Princess Peach version called Peachette.

Bowsette is based upon the potential for any character to use the Super Crown to morph into its Peach form. Well, according to Nintendo, the Super Crown can only be used by Toadette, which scrubs Bowsette or any of the other (disturbing) fan creations from potentially becoming canon.

As spotted by the eagle-eyed users on ResetEra, Nintendo's official New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe website now lists the Super Crown alongside a description that confirms the bad news (and trolls Bowsette fans by apologising, randomly it seems, to Luigi):

So there you have it. Don't expect Bowsette to appear in a Nintendo game any time soon. You'll have to go to other parts of the internet to see her in action.

There's going to be a petition for Luigiette to appear in a Nintendo game, isn't there? Well, he did once dress as Peach in an actual Nintendo game.

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