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There's a way to disable New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe's infuriating mid-air spin-jump


Extremely relieved Mario fans have discovered a means of disabling the new, frequently infuriating, mid-air spin-jump feature implemented as part of Nintendo's recently released New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe on Switch.

When New Super Mario Bros U originally launched on Wii U back in 2012, Mario's spin-jump move, used to to smash through enemies, initiate drifts while wearing the Flying Squirrel suit and more, could be triggered by shaking the controller or tapping the shoulder button. Either way, there was little danger of the jump being inadvertently performed during play.

However, when New Super Mario Bros U made its way to Switch in its Deluxe guise at the start of this year, Nintendo introduced a third means of triggering Mario's spin-jump that hasn't been especially well received. On Switch, the move can be performed by pressing the jump button while in the air - which sounds reasonable in principle, but has been the cause of immense frustration for some players. Loud, exasperated noises to follow:

Essentially, if a player attempts to string a series of jumps together in the Switch game, there's no margin for error at all. Should a follow-up jump be triggered even a frame too early, Mario registers as being off the ground and a mid-air spin-jump is automatically performed - resulting in players twirling forward, almost invariably to their doom. Frustration was compounded by the fact that there didn't appear to be a means of disabling the feature at all.

Now, however, enterprising players (as reported by MetallicFear on the Nintendo Switch subreddit) have discovered an undocumented toggle for the re-mapped spin-jump. Those looking to ease their frustrations can hold down the Joy-Con's left stick for three seconds at the game's title screen. If Nabbit's voice is heard when the save menu is opened, the toggle has been successful and that pesky spin-jump implementation should be no more.

Inquiring minds might ask: if Nintendo was aware of the new spin-jump feature's failings to the degree that it felt the need to implement a means of disabling it, why did it then stubbornly refuse to add an obvious toggle option in the game's menu? To which the only possible answer, of course, is a resigned shrug and "Nintendo". Still, it all worked out okay in the end, right?

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