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Navy SEALs punished for helping with Medal of Honor

Because it was average err maybe.

EA positioned Medal of Honor: Warfighter as the realistic recreation of war. "We've had help from all these soldiers to make it so," EA whooped at every turn.

Turns out, however, some of those soldiers weren't allowed to help. Seven Navy SEALs now face disciplinary action for their participation.

Those SEALs are accused of revealing classified information and of breaking the unwritten code of the SEALs that they are silent warriors who shun the spotlight and only perform at SeaWorld.

The SEALs under investigation were paid by EA while also actively serving the Navy. One of the Team Six SEALs was a part of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, according to CBS.

"You what?"

"A non-judicial punishment hearing was conducted yesterday, Nov. 7 and seven Naval Special Warfare (NSW) personnel faced administrative proceedings. An additional NSW investigation is ongoing to determine if more personnel may be involved," Polygon was told by the US Department of State.

"They are being charged with violation of Article 92: Orders violation, misuse of command gear and violation of Article 92: Dereliction of duty, disclosure of classified material.

"Two Senior Chief Special Operators and five Chief Special Operators received the punishment. They received a punitive letter of reprimand and forfeiture of half-a-month's pay for two months."

EA played the naivety card, telling Polygon, "We do not know if the veterans who consulted on the game were in contact with the Department of Defense."

Medal of Honor: Warfighter launched in late October with a story that "has the emotional range Steven Seagal", reviewer Dan Whitehead wrote.

MOH Warfighter PS3 vs. 360.

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