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Naughty Dog accidentally lets The Last of Us sequel slip

"Did I say the first The Last of Us?"

Naughty Dog all but confirmed that a sequel to The Last of Us is in the works.

During a livestream of the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection writer Josh Scherr said, "All the facial animation in the Uncharted series was led up by Eric [Baldwin, lead animator] here. All the facial animation in the Uncharted games and the first The Last of Us- uh, did I say the first The Last of Us? The first Last of Us. The Last of Us. The first Last of Us. The Last of Us was also keyframe animation."

Baldwin couldn't help but laugh at this point while community strategist Eric Monacelli stuck to the script and pretended nothing had happened, quickly changing the subject to the Left Behind DLC.

Now it's possibly Scherr simply meant The first edition of The Last of Us rather than its Remastered PS4 version or its Left Behind expansion, but this seems unlikely as the developer would have almost definitely clarified that if this were the case.

YouTuber Jeronimo PW (thanks, Gamepur) caught this epic blunder on video, so take a look for yourself and try to decipher what the developer meant with "the first The Last of Us".

This isn't the first time someone has accidentally said The Last of Us 2 is in development, as acclaimed voice actor Nolan North previously said during a Q&A, "I know they're doing The Last of Us 2" when asked about any future projects he might collaborate with Naughty Dog on.

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