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Much Mad Max actual gameplay footage

"Once, I was a cop."

A good 10 minutes of proper Mad Max gameplay footage has been shown at E3.

Developer Avalanche Studios aired the footage during a videoed PlayStation sit-down. The footage is a mixture of direct feed and off-screen, interspersed with talking-head interview shots.

The footage shows many elements of the game. There's the Batman-inspired rhythmical melee fighting; there's the heavy vehicle customisation; there's vehicular combat.

Remember the Mad Max game walks a different path to the acclaimed Fury Road film - not aping it, just existing at the same time. Nevertheless, at a glance, they're not dissimilar.

Our Aoife Wilson went to spend some time with the game recently and weighed it up in much more depth.

Avalanche Studios is the studio famed for Just Cause. But it's Mad Max that the Swedish core team is making, while a satellite studio in America makes Just Cause 3. More reasons to be cheerful.

Mad Max is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One 4th September.

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Mad Max

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