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Mr. Driller Drill Land coming to PlayStation, Xbox this week

Bit of good news.

Mr. Driller Drill Land will launch for PlayStation and Xbox this Thursday, 4th November.

This is the same remake which Bandai Namco launched for Nintendo Switch and PC back in 2020, which in turn was a souped up version of the series' 2002 Japan-only entry for GameCube.

Not only does this remake provide easy access to a game which never originally reached Western shores, it also represents a polished version of what is generally regarded as the puzzle game series' high watermark. Thankfully, this remake does not disappoint either:

"An overdue but much appreciated remaster of one of the GameCube's - and the early 00s - very best," our Martin wrote in Eurogamer's Mr. Driller Drill Land review. "The end result is a timeless melody that's been underappreciated for far too long - and what a thrill it is to have this gem so widely available at last."

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Mr. Driller Drill Land

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

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